The first strategic meeting of the euShipments.com group was held in the middle of June this year. Our two-day “summer” strategic meeting 2023 brought together euShipments, BlackPeak CapitalPick&Pack and Helpship teams in Ruse, Bulgaria. This meeting aimed to outline the synergies and benefits that joint operations and shared resources from our logistics network bring to online merchants.

Background of the euShipments’ group

From left to right: Svetlozar Dimitrov – euShipments, Matej Javorek – Pick&Pack, Lora Dimitrova – euShipments, Stefan Popa – Helpship

As you know, in less than half a year, we acquired our first two companies – part of our acquisitions and mergers strategy created in partnership with BlackPeak Capital. We remind you that at the end of 2022 we acquired the Croatian eCommerce logistics leader Pick&Pack, and at the end of May 2023 we also acquired one of the largest Romanian fulfillment operators – Helpship. Their fulfillment centers – in Zagreb, Croatia and Oradea, Romania – both in key locations from the point of view of international logistics, have started an accelerated process of synchronizing operations and services. The goal is our customers to benefit from a unified operational model and maximum facilitated use of the services of all fulfillment centers in our network.

First strategic meeting

Beginning of the Strategic Meeting in Ruse, Bulgaria

Our meeting marked the main aspects of joining forces with Pick&Pack and Helpship, discussing the following topics, key to our future development:

  1. Overview of the main business KPIs of the three companies and forecast trends – on this point we have set clearly measurable goals so that in the next period we can focus on our strongest sides as a group and further develop them to provide the most useful logistics solutions for online merchants
  2. Effective allocation and exploitation of resources – in order for our customers to derive as many benefits as possible from the cooperation of the group, our general goal is to make access to our resources (portfolio services of courier partners, fulfillment centers, linehauls, injection points of shipment volumes, software developments, added value from our expertise, etc.) as fast and easy as possible. Together we discussed a plan with specific actions and deadlines that will bring us to the goal as quickly as possible.
  3. Building an effective marketing and sales action plan – our vision is to actively reach out and introduce as many online stores selling in Europe as possible to the benefits they can derive from our logistics network and unified processes and operations of the three companies. In this way, they will have the opportunity to make a more informed decision when choosing the right logistics partner.
  4. Integration of software systems and operations – in line with one of the main advantages of the euShipments business model – all the group’s customers will have access to our entire portfolio of services again through a single integration. This will greatly facilitate their development, as during our strategic meeting we identified the main steps we will work on.

Our first strategic meeting built on the visions for further development together and marks the foundation of the large-scale process of “mastering” our synergies. The meeting ended with a celebration –  cocktail and dinner, where key management of the three companies, as well as members of the BlackPeak Capital team, had the opportunity to spend time together in an informal setting.

The end of our fruitful first strategy meeting

euShipment, Pick&Pack and Helpship, with the support of BlackPeak Capital, will work on a concrete progressive strategy. By creating and following it, we reinforce our commitment to provide online merchants with comprehensive logistics solutions and a personalized approach. This will allow them to grow in the dynamic eCommerce industry with confidence, actively drive their sales and achieve sustainable success in the increasingly competitive European markets.

euShipments.com is a socially responsible company, allocating funds from each processed shipment in its budget to support various social causes and initiatives. By entrusting their shipments to them, online merchants help various causes in support of disadvantaged people and various social and sports initia

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